Main Characters

Main Characters

Kick-Ass (Dave Lizewski)

Who am I? I’m Kick-Ass.

Dave Lizewski is your average NYC high school student who thinks he’s not good at anything. He’s an avid fan of comic books and superheroes, and has always wondered why nobody wants to be a superhero. With this, he sets out to become one, purchasing a costume on eBay and using batons as weapons, he reinvents himself to become Kick-Ass. During his first superhero outing, he was mauled so bad he had to undergo intense rehabilitation. Although he started out with no powers or special abilities at all, he eventually had himself armed with metal plates all over his body. Also, his nerve endings have been damaged hence his delayed reaction to pain. He used these advantages to become the ultimate superhero. He fights off many villains but his arch nemesis is Red Mist/The Motherf*cker.

Hit Girl (Mindy Macready)

Game on, cocksuckers!

At a young age, Mindy Macready became an orphan when her dad was framed for a crime courtesy of Frank D’Amico and her mom burned herself from grief. Mindy grew up with Sgt. Marcus Williams, who adopted her temporarily, and when her dad was released from prison, trained her in various weapons and hand-to-hand combat to exact revenge from Frank D’Amico in the form of superhero, Hit Girl. Together with her dad, Big Daddy, they set out to fight drug dealers until reaching Frank D’Amico himself. This duo has also partnered with Kick-Ass, and later on, when Big Daddy was killed, Hit-Girl continued to seek revenge with the help of Kick-Ass. Aside from being an excellent marksman and expert combat fighter, Hit-Girl has also trained how to take a bullet in her chest, which has saved her several times already.

Colonel Stars and Stripes (Sal Bertolini)

Yeah, there’s a dog on your balls!

Sal Bertolini started out as a mafia enforcer member but eventually turned away from the mafia life to become Colonel Stars and Stripes, leader of the superhero squad, Justice Forever. Sal, upon seeing Kick-Ass fight crimes, turned away from his thug life. He adopted a dog named Eisenhower and set up the Justice Forever team, training aspiring superheroes in between doing his superhero duties. Colonel Stars and Stripes succumbed to his demise in the hands of Mother Russia who killed him with bare hands and decapitated him. He remained the Justice Forever leader and a superhero until his death.

The Motherfucker (Chris D’Amico)

As a great man once said, wait ‘til they get a load of me.

Christopher ‘Chris’ D’Amico is the son of crime king Frank D’Amico. He was Red Mist who lured Kick-Ass, Hit-Girl, and Big Daddy and planned to kill them, and he later went on to become The Motherf*cker, Kick-Ass’ arch enemy. Sharing the same love for comic books as Kick-Ass (Dave), Chris sets out to lure Kick-Ass by becoming super villain, Red Mist. He succeeded in doing so, and the ambush resulted in the death of Hit-Girl’s dad, Big Daddy. When Chris’ dad, Frank, died in the hands of Kick-Ass, he, having been exposed as Red Mist, decided to don a new mask and exact revenge through The Motherf*cker. To realize this revenge against Kick-Ass, The Motherf*cker assembled his own super villain team, The Toxic Mega-C*nts consisting of Genghis Carnage, The Tumor, Black Death, and Mother Russia. In the ensuing final battle between good and evil, he was defeated by Kick-Ass.

Mother Russia (Katarina Dombrovski)

You will not shoot me. You are superhero, you help people, you do not hurt them.

Katarina Dombrovski is a former KGB member who became one of the members of The Toxic Mega-C*nts, and is The Motherf*cker’s hatchet man. She takes on the super villain name Mother Russia and is the most highly skilled member in the team, having trained since she was in the Gulag. She is both an expert in armed and unarmed combat, not to mention the fact that she’s a powerhouse super villain with her superhuman strength. She can easily deflect blows from any of the Justice Forever members, but in the end was defeated by Hit-Girl.

Detective Marcus Williams

You owe that kid a childhood.

When Mindy’s (Hit-Girl) dad was imprisoned and her mom committed suicide, it was Detective Marcus Williams who took care of Mindy and raised her as his own for the next five years. When Mindy’s dad was released, Marcus kept in contact with them, berating Mindy’s dad for turning her daughter into a vigilante. When Mindy’s dad, aka Big Daddy, died in the hands of the Red Mist, Marcus resumed the responsibility of raising Mindy like a normal teenager.