Kick-Ass The Comic Book Series

Kick-Ass The Comic Book Series

The Kick-Ass comic series is written by Mark Millar and published by Marvel Comics. Illustrations to Kick-Ass was done by John Romilla, Jr.

Kick-Ass tells the story of ordinary teenager Dave Lizewski and his secret life as a superhero, Kick-Ass. An avid fan of comic books, he uses this fascination to become a real-life superhero. Although he has no prior experience in hand-to-hand combat or even weapons and tactics training, he went on to purchase a wetsuit in eBay and began practicing stuffs.

His first foray into the crime busting world resulted in his being mauled and stabbed by thugs, which resulted to an intense physical rehabilitation. Still determined to make it as a superhero, he continued with his crime busting missions. When he saved a man from a beating, an onlooker was able to record and upload it on YouTube, making Dave an internet sensation and was given the Kick-Ass name.

With the rising popularity of Kick-Ass, Dave decides to create a Kick-Ass MySpace account to better help those in need. In one such case, Kick-Ass was asked to look into Eddie Lomas who is harassing her girlfriend. During this encounter, Kick-Ass first met Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. Later on, another superhero in the persona of Red Mist appeared.

With the growing number of vigilantes, Hit Girl suggests they form an alliance and Big Daddy agrees. Big Daddy turns out to be a ‘good cop in a corrupt city’ with his wife killed when he refused to accept bribes. Together with her daughter, Hit-Girl, they train to exact vengeance and lead a crime-fighting life.

With an alliance formed, the new super team agreed to meet in a warehouse to solidify the plan to take down crime lord, John Genovese. With Red Mist in tow, Kick-Ass was surprised to find that Hit-Girl and Big Daddy were captured and tortured. Red Mist then reveals himself to be the son of John Genovese, and he planned the ambush, befriending Kick-Ass to get Hit-Girl and Big Daddy. Hit-Girl was then shot to her death and Big Daddy was tortured only to confess that he was just an accountant who was unhappy with his marriage, creating a new life by selling comic books. The gang led by Red Mist eventually killed Big Daddy and Kick-Ass should have been next if not for the intervention of Hit-Girl. Apparently, Hit-Girl was wearing a bullet proof vest; hence, she survived.

To exact revenge for the death of her father, Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass attack Genovese’s lair and Hit-Girl kills most of the gang members, while Kick-Ass defeats Red Mist but does not kill him. Kick-Ass then rescues Hit-Girl who was captured by Genovese and his men, shooting Genovese in the penis. Hit-Girl finishes him off using a meat cleaver.

Both Dave and Mindy return to the normal life after defeating Red Mist and killing Genovese, Dave was still unsuccessful in getting his girl and walked in on his dad having sex with Eddie Lomas’ girlfriend. However, this does not dampen Dave’s spirits, after all, he’s already become a cultural phenomenon.

This superhero story ends with a vengeful Red Mist, in an altogether different costume, hunched over his computer, penning an email to Kick-Ass to ‘wait until they get a load of me’!