Is it Time We Finally Get a Kick-Ass Movie Slot?

Is it Time We Finally Get a Kick-Ass Movie Slot?

Leading slot developers such as Microgaming have been known to take famous movies and turn them into awesome slots. We don’t know how they pick their titles and there are certainly many factors to consider, but what we do know is that Microgaming usually does a great job. So, in that light, is it time we finally get a slot based on the Kick-Ass movie?

Funny and Suitable Theme

As all fans know, Kick-Ass is about an unlikely teenage superhero whose dream to fight crime suddenly becomes a reality when he is gifted his super-powers: tolerance to pain and extended endurance. Throughout the movie, the main character Kick-Ass (or Dave Lizewski, as he is known when not wearing his superhero costume) finds himself in many intense and funny situations and meets fellow crime fighters, Big Daddy and Hit-Girl.

Without recounting the whole movie plot, it is clear that there are all the elements required to make this an awesome casino slot. We have colourful characters, superheroes vs. criminals, and there are many people who appreciate this 2010 film.

Kick-Ass Potential

Although there are many ways to make a slot and professionals know how to do their jobs, these are just a few ideas to consider for the new Kick-Ass slot. Making it a 243-way (all-pay) slot would probably be a good way to go, like most other movie-based creations by Microgaming use this format and it works well. It also gives plenty of room for short, memorable cut-scenes to be shown whenever a payline featuring main characters hits.

As for the symbols, apart from having Kick-Ass, Big Daddy, Hit Girl, and Frank appearing on the reels, the Kick-Ass slot could probably do with some guns, pocket knives, and expensive cars. With the right design, this would give the game the visual appeal it requires to attract the players. And, of course, the original soundtrack would do nicely.

Hit Girl as gameplay symbols

Superhero Free Spins

You can’t have a good slot without quality free spins, so Kick-Ass slot would definitely need these. However, instead of scatters, why not make it so the bonus round kicks off when Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl land next to each other on the reels. After all, it is when these two work together that the chaos ensues.

Perhaps it would be fun to give players a few different options to choose from when free spins start, just like other similar games. For example, one with Kick-Ass wild symbols staying locked in place for the duration of 10 spins, 15 free spins with Hit-Girl expanding wild, or 20 spins with Frank randomly shooting wilds onto the reels.

Just Do It

Of course, someone could take the movie idea and make a slot that’s completely different to everything suggested here and still make it work. As stated before, there are many ways to build a slot, and all of them can do nicely if done properly. So, one way or the other, it is high time someone like Microgaming finally signed that licensing deal and served us with a Kick-Ass slot we all want and deserve! Microgaming has taken many Hollywood movies to the online gambling scene where they have become hugely successful. Some examples are Terminator 2, Jurassic World and Game of Thrones. Some online casinos give out free spins without any deposit or download where you can play these video slots for free and win real money.

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